BIG POWER: 1004hp 632 BBC Announced by Chevrolet Performance!

What does 10.4 liters of naturally-aspirated, 93-octane power smell like? 

Chevrolet Performance just announced their latest crate engine, a ZZ632. This is a SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO cubic inch Big Block Chevy-based engine. Torque comes in at a whiplash-worthy 876 lb ft. Redline hits at 7000rpm which is plenty of turns. 

This is an engine based off their already popular 572 crate, but with a small bore increase and a stroke increase. The internals are stout, undoubtedly, with a forged steel crank, forged rods, and forged pistons. 

The compression ratio is listed at 12.0:1 which is borderline for 93 octane, but that's what Chevrolet did their testing with. 

If you look closely at the engine picture, there are some very interesting features that we've not seen in a BBC-based crate engine from Chevrolet:

-Dry intake manifold: The valley is separately fastened to the heads and block, meaning the intake manifold is dry / has no engine coolant running through it. 

-Where's the distributor? The spark plug wires route behind the engine under the intake manifold, where LS style coil packs are mounted to the valley plate. 

-Multi port fuel injection: The intake is machined for injectors and fitted with a billet rail. I wonder what size injectors they chose? 

-Speaking of fuel injection: We anticipate Chevrolet will offer an EFI system with this, but you should be able to use whatever EFI system you desire. (Ahem.. Holley Dominator). 

-Cam sensor: That front cover appears to have an LS style camshaft position sensor. Obviously for the fuel injection system, the BBC used to have to utilize the distributor for cam position. 

-Wilson Manifolds billet throttle body: Wilson is the leader in induction for big cube engines. It's not a big surprise they used Wilson on this heavy breather, but what's interesting is they didn't put their own logo on it. 

-IT'S TALL! If you are screaming at your screen saying "TAKE MY MONEY", you better be prepared to put a new hood on your car. I would bet the top of the throttle body will stick through the stock hood line of any typical muscle car. 

Being naturally-aspirated, this giant ZZ632 rivals the 1000hp Hellephant engine which is a supercharged 426. 

Pricing has not been announced for the ZZ632 yet. We assume Chevrolet may announce MSRP at the SEMA show, but our initial guesses are between $25k and $30k based on what we see in the pre-production pictures. 

Pro Touring Store will have these engines available for order whenever GM says they're ready; which is anticipated to be early 2022. Knowing their announcement/release history, it might not be until summer.