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NEW: LT1 / LT4 10L90E Connect & Cruise Packages

Chevrolet Performance just announced their latest Connect & Cruise engine/transmission packages: 

-LT1 Wet Sump / 10L90e (CPSLT1W10L90E)
-LT1 Wet Sump / 6L80e (2400 stall) (CPSLT1W6L80E 2400)
-LT1 Wet Sump / 6L80e (3000 stall) (CPSLT1W6L80E 3000)

-LT4 Wet Sump / 10L90e (CPSLT4W10L90E)
-LT4 Dry Sump / 10L90e (CPSLT4D10L90E)
-LT4 Wet Sump / 6L80e (2400 stall) (CPSLT4W6L80E)
-LT4 Wet Sump E-Rod / 6L80e (2400 stall) (CPSLT4EROD6L80E)

This is in addition to their 4L70/75e, and 8L90e packages already available. 

We're excited to see the 6L being offered in the LT platform, as they did not come this way from the factory behind the LT1 or LT4 (they did come in the trucks with L83/L86 however). 

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