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Gen 3 Hemi Single Plane EFI Intake Manifold - Aluminum 300-930

These new single-plane intake manifold kits are designed for 2009-Current 5.7-liter, 2005-2010 6.1-liter, and 2011-Current 6.4-liter Chrysler Gen III Hemi engines. They provide maximum hood clearance combined with plenum and runner geometry that provide a broad RPM powerband for high-performance street/strip engine applications to a maximum engine speed of 7500 RPM. The isolated design of the air/fuel passages helps to increase charge air density and performance. 300-930 and 300-930BK are designed for 4150 type throttle valves. Included are billet fuel rails along with mounting brackets for either Bosch EV-1 type fuel injectors or most Gen III Hemi OEM injectors.
(If you're using a square bore carburetor or Sniper-style EFI, the 300-931 and 300-931BK are also available, which have a 4150 flange. They are machined from castings without the bosses for fuel injectors for a cleaner look).


  • Minimum carb flange height for maximum clearance to hood
  • 4150 type throttle/carb flange
  • Cast aluminum construction. Great for turbocharger, centrifugal blower or NOS power adders
  • Billet fuel rails included with 300-930, 300-930BK
  • Height to throttle valve flange in front is 3.31-inch, rear is 4.25-inch
  • Port size: 1.72-inches tall, 1.75-inches wide
  • Billet aluminum oil fill cap included
  • Designed for use with either Bosch EV1 or Gen III Hemi OEM fuel injectors
  • O-ring seals around ports