Walbro 255 and 350 LPH Fuel Pump PRE-FILTER - Billet 74 Micron - GSL392 396


Here is an easy solution to adding a pre-filter to your Walbro inline fuel pump!

Constructed from billet aluminum, these pre-filters offer 74 microns of filtration from a stainless element, suitable for keeping most contaminants from reaching your fuel pump. 

The Walbro GSL392 and GSL396 fuel pumps have a female M10x1.0 thread, which is sealed by a crush washer. We guarantee fitment to these pumps only. If you bought a $40 Amazon or eBay "Walbro" pump, and you have issues with this filter fitment, then it's the pump's fault. 

The inlet end of this filter has a male 6AN on it for simple hookup from your fuel tank. 

Due to the construction of this filter, there could be a bit of weight/leverage placed on the threads. You need to make sure to support the pump well, AND support the line going into the filter (or the filter itself) to prevent the filter from being damaged.

We also offer 6AN outlet fittings for the GSL392 and 396 pumps to keep it consistent.