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Ultimate Headers LS Swap 67-81 F-Body Long Tube Headers


Ultimate Headers now brings our new long tube headers for LS/LSX engines! These are designed specifically for 1st and 2nd generation Camaros with big 1 7/8″ tubing made from 321 SS tubing for superior strength and lower weight!

***Does not work with Hooker engine mounts! Use engine swap plates. 

Although designed around 67-81 F-Body, these fit many different applications as well. 

When every inch counts, our design offers superior fit for tight engine compartments without compromising ground clearance.

With our unique SS flanges and cast elbows, we can offer you something no other company can – the power, strength and beauty of finely crafted headers to match your passion for truly great automotive products.

Plus, you get a complete package – headers, ARP 12-point Stainless Steel header bolts, a pair of matching Cometic HTS header and HTS Collector Gaskets (if applicable).