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Tremec TR6060 Retro Shifter for LS Swap Applications Universal - FLAT HANDLE



Are you doing an LS swap in your vehicle with a TR6060 6-speed transmission but hate that awful divorced shifter? Well we have the perfect answer for you! Hawks Motorsports has teamed up with MGW shifters and are now offering a retro short throw shifter for the TR6060 specifically for swap applications, this puts the shifter directly on top of the tailhousing right above the crossmember and eliminates the loose feel of the stock shifter. Not to mention you also get the best shifter on the market! See below for details on the MGW shifter...

Addressing not simply the long throw of the stock shifter, the MGW Shifter also corrects the mushy rubbery vague feel of the stock mounting design and also the insufficient spring return for the 2-3 power shifts. After extensive testing we have come to the conclusion that the best combination of shift effort, speed, and smoothness is achieved with a 33 percent throw reduction design. Key features that set this shifter design apart from the competition are:

  • Full replacement assembly not simply a center shaft change out.
  • 33 percent throw reduction ideal for road course and drag racing. (will not fatigue driver and fight gear engagement)
  • Integral spring return to 3-4 gate to assist in fast 2-3 powershifts and smooth 5-4 downshifts
  • High temp. rear polyurethane bushing mount to remove OEM shifter sloppy feel and deflection
  • All components are CNC machined and type 3 hard coat anodized aluminum or 303 aircraft grade stainless steel
  • Patented sound dampening center shaft to prevent rattling that often plagues aftermarket shifters
We also have a "round" shift handle available if you want to use a stock Camaro shift boot or prefer the look.