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Tight Radius 2" Header Elbows - Cast Stainless Steel


Ultimate Headers’ cast tight radius header elbows are the key to allow race teams and custom car builders to gain precious engine compartment space.  The secret? Ultimate Headers’ patented Stainless Steel header elbows! These elbows feature 316L Grade Stainless Steel to give you the needed strength for tighter turns and totally uniform wall thickness from end to end, assuring long term durability.

Ultimate Headers tight radius elbows immediately turns the header tube away from the exhaust port, with a turn radius smaller than the tube diameter – which cannot be done using a tube tender.  This allows you to put those big tubes into tight places!

***Price is for 1 bend only. 


  • 2.00” diameter tube (OD)
  • End-to-end consistent sidewall thickness — 0.065”
  • High heat, stress resistant investment cast 316L Stainless Steel alloy
  • Holds the header tubes in a compact area, very close to the engine block
  • Tight turns help keep exhaust tubing away from steering shafts and frame rails
  • The perfect complement to Ultimate Headers Cast Stainless Steel Flanges

NOTE: Ultimate Headers recommends TIG welding with 309L Stainless Steel wire