Stanadyne LT4 High Pressure Fuel Pump LT1 LT5 L86 HPFP Gen V


Nostrum's high pressure fuel pump is a universal HPFP core with a Large 11.5mm piston and a 250bar operating pressure. This pump is manufactured by Stanadyne Inc and is available for order! This is a great alternative to the GM LT4 pump, since it is available, and outputs even more! 

Capable of 250 bar rail pressure sustained operation, this HPFP has a much higher pressure rating than the production GM LT4 pump. 

Although a very similar outline to a stock GM LT4 pump (part number 12711668 or 12694529), this universal pump differs with an AN06 male threaded low pressure inlet as opposed to a 3/8" SAE quick connect fitting (on the LT4). The AN fitting allows you to adapt the universal pump for your application specific needs with the addition of industry standard AN fitting hardware.

This pump does not include the accessories and hardware associated with engine installation. For single piece GM LT4 service parts with accessories and hardware, please go to your local GM parts center.
(IE: Gasket, bracket, hardware etc)


Piston Diameter: 11.49 mm
Max Piston Travel (TDC-BDC): 10 mm
Max Operating Pressure (Rail Pressure Target): 250 bar (25 MPa / 3636 psi)
Displaced Flow Per Cam Revolution (6 mm stroke): 1865.44 mm^3
High Pressure Fitting Spec: M14x1 male thread with inner female cone
Low Pressure Fitting Spec: AN6 male