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SpeedTech Extreme Chassis


Introducing the Speedtech Performance Full Frame with Torque Arm Rear Suspension or optional Independent Rear Suspension.

Available models for the SpeedTech Extreme full chassis: 

1964-1972 GM A-Body / Chevelle etc. 

1963-1979 Corvette C2 & C3

1955-1957 Chevy 210 / Bel Air Etc.

1971-1976 Chevy Impala

1955-1987 Chevy Trucks 

1953-1956 Ford F100



  • Box welded construction with tabbed through frame gusseting for added torsional rigidity
  • Torque arm rear suspension puts loads into the center of the chassis significantly reducing pitch
  • Torque arm controls pinion angle change to a minimal amount, virtually zero
  • Exclusively equipped with forged 7075 Aircraft Aluminum ExtReme spindle (more info below)
  • Up to 27-33 degrees of steering angle equal to or slightly more than O.E.
  • Corrected Ackerman for better grip while cornering providing up to 20% more inside tire grip when cornering
  • Corrected scrub radius for large diameter wheels in wider widths
  • Virtually zero bump steer – .005” standard over full travel (can be tuned)
  • Industry leading design for lower roll center optimized for each chassis
  • Excellent comfort on the street, durable for autocross & track days
  • Increased shock length providing more suspension travel
  • 78% motion ratio for faster shock response and more precise control
  • 3-piece Chromoly tubular splined sway bar standard and a variety of spring rates available
  • Sway bar arms are 3 position adjustable for tuning without changing bar
  • Front and rear ride height adjustments accommodate your vision for styling of the finished car
  • Articu-link trailing arms with Delrin bushings eliminate binding found in other systems
  • Pinion angle is stable with virtually no change through the rear axle range of motion, acceleration and braking.
  • Rear Roll Center is adjustable over a wide range via the pan hard bar
  • Pinion angle can be adjusted to perfectly set your driveline angle
  • Wheel base can be adjusted via the Speedtech Performance exclusive Articu-link
  • All Speedtech Performance Chassis come with a new Dutchman 9” housing and axles
  • Uses factory body mounts


  • Full Speedtech Performance ExtReme Chassis
  • Custom designed upper and lower control arms
  • JRI mono tube nitrogen charged single adjustable coil over shock, with spring – valved for our ExtReme suspension
  • Adjustable, splined sway bar with options for street, pro-touring/auto cross and ExtReme race
  • Sweet Mfg. dual power rack and pinion steering
  • ExtReme forged spindles with C7 hubs
  • Fully adjustable transmission cross member fits all common Eng. and Trans. combinations
  • Full Torque Arm rear suspension
  • Heavy duty 9” housing and axles with Torque Arm brackets and Pan Hard Bar Bracket welded on
  • 31 spline pro street axles (can be upgraded to 35 spline axles in options)
  • New 9” rear axle housing with 3”x .250” tubes and Big Ford New Style Ends, 2.5” axle offset (full Floater Option available)


  • Included with all ExtReme front suspensions and only available from Speedtech Performance
  • We took the best forged aluminum spindle made and made it better
  • Forged from high quality, light weight 7075 aerospace aluminum
  • Optimized geometry unlike in any other Corvette style spindle in the industry
  • Significantly improved KPI/SAI angle
  • Scrub radius optimized for KPI/SAI changes and larger wheels
  • Requires less caster to achieves optimum tire contact patch
  • Billet steering arm provides increased Ackerman angle
  • Achieves optimum tire slip-angles to provide increased front tire grip
  • Maintains optimum tire grip with less backspaced wheels
  • Brakes caliper bolt pattern is carryover from C5 & C6 Corvette opening up many options
  • Comes standard with maintenance free factory GM C7 Corvette hubs & bearings
  • Excellent design attributes for street cars and race cars
  • SpeedTech Spindle provides a more refined and precise driving experience in all situations