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Recaro Specialist M - Pro Touring Seat


*Standard lead time 10-12 weeks

The Recaro Specialist M Pro Touring Seat:

The Recaro Specialist M features the same comfortable backrest as the S, combined with a longer and flatter seat cushion particularly suitable for medium to large people. The M seat cushion is great for drivers who have to get in and out of the vehicle frequently and for vehicles such as SUVs and vans where the door is high from the ground. 

RECARO Design: No one will mistake the unique styling of the Specialist seat for anything but Recaro.  Take your vehicle's interior to the next level and  look no further than the Recaro Specialist M (or the Specialist S). Sleek lines, supportive bolstering and unique cover detailing will make your interior stand apart from rest.  

RECARO Ergonomics: Each Recaro seat is designed to support the natural S curve of the spine. The human body isn’t designed for long periods of sitting. Recaro seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural and healthy position.  Your back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer you sit in the seat.

Manual Lumbar System:  A preformed curved backrest offers superior lumbar support. 

Low Profile Back and Thigh Bolsters:  Driving in a Recaro seat isn’t all about correct sitting, it’s about performance too. The mildly pronounced back and thigh bolsters will hold you in place while driving but maintain the luxury feel of the seat. 

Low Profile Seat Cushion Bolsters:  The Specialist M has a flat seat-cushion and slightly wider seat area for easier access and luxury feel. 

NOTE: The Specialist S -has mild thigh bolsters gives support when you need it without hindering easy vehicle entry. The seat cushion of the Specialist S is for drivers who like a more supportive fit and sport-performance feel. Specialist S with its shorter seat cushion featuring mild side support combines with a comfortable and supportive backrest, to ensure an ergonomically correct posture, is particularly suitable for small to medium sized people.

Manual Seat Adjustment:  Manually adjustable forward and rearward seat adjustment.  Right and left side manual seat back releases.

Adjustable Head Rest:  The headrest of the seat can be adjusted up, down as well as tilting forward to comfortably support your head and neck.

Dual Manual Seat Back Release:  Moves the backrest forward for easy access to the rear seat compartment.

Upholstery:  Whether you choose the premium leather or other upholstery options the seat will look and feel unique and stylish.  Recaro chooses the best materials for its covers and then sews them with precision, assuring the seat will look stunning for years.

NOTE: Artista, Avus and Nardo are types of cloth upholstery. Artista has a geometric pattern and is similar to a denim texture. Avus is a soft cloth; Nardo is a little more coarse but holds up better to wear. 

NOTE 2: Recaro seats require a slider base, as well as a bracket to your car. Most every muscle car application requires an inside handle slider. We have a number of different brackets for most vehicles to adapt the seat/slider to your floorpan. Contact us today for more info.