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PTFE AN Hose 6AN - 6000 Series Race Hose by Fragola


The properties of PTFE make it a natural for all highly corrosive applications.
In the Pro-Touring world, PTFE hose is used widely for use with E85 fuel. 

This hose will also take high pressure and cycle over and over without failure, making it perfect for power steering pressure lines, and even nitrous lines. 

Size 6 AN has a conductive core liner, which means it does not conduct static electricity like typical PTFE will. This makes it even safer in fuel systems. 

This hose is available in 2 variations:

-Stainless braided w/no covering
-Stainless braided w/black covering (most common). 
-CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH in the dropdown menu. 

***Keep in mind this hose is only compatible with Fragola 6000 series hose ends. Failure to use these fittings will result in death, or worse. Ok just don't chance it, not worth it! 

***PTS recommends using STEEL hose ends for high pressure applications such as power steering pressure and nitrous. Aluminum hose ends are fine for everything else. 

How is it made? 

P.T.F.E. powder is extruded into a smooth bore tube product. The tube is then fed into a machine that weaves stainless wire into the familiar braided pattern. The hose is inspected 100% and any flawed sections are discarded.