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Pontiac Style 2-piece LS Valve Covers by Holley - Black 241-192

Part number 241-192 - Satin black finish
Holley's 2-Piece LS valve covers are a great way to update the look of your LS engine without the use of complicated adapter systems or the hassle of remote coil relocation. These modular LS valve covers feature an OE height, internally baffled LS valve cover base with integrated coil mounts for popular Gen I and Gen V style LS coil bodies, and a Pontiac style overcover that hides the unsightly LS coils and messy wiring harness - allowing the full performance benefits of coil-on-cover ignition setups without the robotic styling. Each modular coil cover features a billet aluminum simulated oil fill cap which helps maintain the original Pontiac styling. The coil cover also features cast-in provisions for the spark plug boots and coil wiring harness so no extensions or custom wiring is required. Each 2-Piece LS valve cover set includes a low-profile billet oil fill cap, 2 billet simulated fill cap assemblies, hardware and spacers for mounting both versions of LS coil bodies, and dress up hardware and rubber grommets for the coil covers.
These modular LS valve covers are currently available in black only. Natural finish is on heavy backorder, and the polished units are discontinued. 


  • Cast aluminum 2-Piece LS valve covers designed to mount and hide both Gen I and Gen V style LS coil bodies
  • Retain the performance of factory coil-on-cover ignition without the unsightly styling
  • Coil cover features vintage Pontiac valve cover styling with a billet aluminum simulated fill cap assembly and cast-in wiring provisions
  • Base fits LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engines with clearance for .750” lift cam with stock style rocker arms
  • Base features internally baffled ventilation system
  • No coil relocation, wire harness extensions, or custom spark plug wires required
  • Includes low-profile billet oil fill cap
  • Includes all necessary coil mounting provisions and dress-up hardware