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Performance Design pTR Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold - LS1 LS6 LS2


The Carbon pTR Intake Manifold combines the best materials into a flexible and powerful tunnel ram architecture. Glass reinforced nylon lower and carbon fiber upper shell combine for lightweight, strong and heat resistant performance. Offering unique modular velocity stacks enabling 6.5 – 9” runners, multiple accessory port and sensor options along with other custom features, this manifold offers easy configuring for any cathedral port hot rod setup.

Shipping with the longer runner, optional velocity stacks offer different lengths. Tuning of the intake runner length to match the cam, head and exhaust combo gives the ultimate way to optimize your engine’s power curve. Shorter runners support high RPM drag applications or longer runners for improved torque in the mid-range. Mixing lengths can help smooth out the torque curve.

The plenum is constructed from high strength carbon fiber with high temp epoxy for improved strength to weight ratio and reduced heat soak to the fresh air charge. The polymer lower runner pack resists heat soak from the heads and houses all ports/sensors hidden in the valley. The combination of materials offers a 10 lb weight savings over competitive aluminum tunnel ram manifolds.

***Does not fit underhood on late model vehicles; best suited for resto-mod, off-road race trucks, race boats and hot rods.

Specifications & Features

For cathedral port cylinder heads
-Modular velocity stacks for 6.5”, 8.0” and 9.0” runner lengths
-Raised velocity stack runner entries
-PA6GF30 Glass filled nylon lower manifold for light weight and low heat soak
-Carbon fiber plenum with 5 layers of carbon and foam core flange
-105mm forward facing throttle body flange accepts 90-105mm throttle body
-Two MAP sensor locations (front and back)
-Two 1/4 NPT ports for PCV, purge solenoid, etc.
-One 1/2 NPT port for brake booster or IAT
-Tested to over 50psi of boost
-Includes stainless steel hardware for installation
-Nitrous nozzle bosses on outboard and valley side of each runner (16 total)
-Provisions to run 3 injector body lengths
-Includes molded port, plenum and throttle seals
-Intake can be reversed on the engine
-Anodized billet throttle flange; red and black standard colors
-Optional medium or short velocity stacks (sold separately)
-Optional PD ultralight billet -8 fuel rails

Cathedral port applications:
LS1, LS2, LS6, and many more