NEW - 2-Piece Gen V LT Valve Covers - Hidden Coils - Finned

NEW FOR 2024!
***UPDATE: We found a major fitment flaw in these covers; the manufacturer did not do their homework on coil harness fitment on Gen V LT. 
The LS has a subharness that the coil packs plug into, then the engine harness plugs into one connector per side. 
The LT does not have a subharness so you have to go direct to the coil from the outside.
We at Pro Touring Store figured out a way to make these work, so you can have a cool product. 
The only downside, is it takes some machining time to do this, and therefore we cannot offer the manufacturer’s powdercoating (which is much cheaper than having them done locally). 

So what does that mean???
It means if you want them powdercoated, it’ll cost a little more than usual. 

But hey, you could paint them or powder yourself if the price isn’t for you!
OK enough rambling. Here are the specs you came to see! —
Gen V LT "Finned" 2-piece valve covers, SIMILAR to Holley's 241-182 for LS. 
Fits L83, L86, L84, L87, LT1, LT4, LT5, L8T cylinder heads - 5.3 - 6.2 - 6.6 - virtually ALL LT engines.
The lower half valve cover replaces stock valve cover. The upper half hides coils with holes for spark plug wires!
4-1/4" tall overall (Check clearance to your heater box & brake boosters!!!!)

***Also available with a smooth cover for a clean look!***

Finishes available:

-Natural Cast Aluminum
-Textured Satin Black powdercoat
-Custom finishes & laser engraving also available! 
-Internally baffled like OEM
-Works with stock rocker arms and cams up to .750" lift
-Stock style 3/8 breather ports on both covers. This size port is not ideal for supercharged applications or wild N/A combinations. Adding an additional breather port OR enlarging the port on these would be recommended in those situations.
Coil fitment:
Designed for Gen III and Gen V coils
Gen III Style LS1 Coil Body P/N's:
GM: 12558948
MSD: 8262 / 82623
AC Delco: D580
Gen IV and V Style LS Coil Body P/N's:
GM: 12570616 & other square/rectangle 
Holley: 410004
Accel: 140043 / 140043K
MSD: 8265 / 82653
AC Delco: D510C  OR Stock LT1 square coils.