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LSA Supercharger Assembly - NEW ZL1

$4,249.00 $4,500.00

*Blowers are currently out of stock as of 3/3/23 - We are waiting for more inventory. 

*ZL1 lids are in stock, as well as rails, throttle body, and gaskets. Just the blower assembly is backordered. 

Brand new ZL1 supercharger assembly from GM. 

Includes supercharger, ZL1 lid, sensors, GM fuel rail, LSA throttle body, new gaskets.

**Does not include injectors
**Does not include coil pack wiring harness
**Does not include EVAP/purge solenoid

This supercharger will fit ANY LS3 style rectangle port cylinder head. We offer several different accessory drives (some not on our site yet) for many different configurations including 6, 8, and 10 rib setups. 

**Will not bolt to LS7 heads. 
**Will bolt to LS1 cathedral port heads with an adapter available from PTS!