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LS7 Dry Sump Long Block Crate Assembly 19303238



**This is a factory replacement engine and does not include the normal parts a crate engine would. 
PTS can provide components to complete this crate engine, and provide wet sump conversion parts if you wanted to convert it over, as this is a dry sump engine requiring an external oil tank. 

Part number: 19303238

The LS7 features a unique, big-bore 4.125" aluminum cylinder block that is anchored with a 4.000" forged steel crankshaft, feather-weight titanium connecting rods and high compression friction-coated pistons. But it’s the airflow capability of the large, GM CNC-ported heads that enables its tremendous power. Large volume, straight-passage intake runners channel air directly through 2.20" titanium intake valves located on a 12-degree valve angle.

This GM replacement LS7 427ci crate engine includes the production-style engine with the dry sump oil pan.
You’ll need to supply the external oil supply and oil lines to the engine along with the intake, fuel rails/injectors, throttle body, balancer, flywheel, exhaust manifolds, and any accessory drive components.