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LS3 OEM Intake Manifold Assembly - Rails Injectors Throttle Body 19418251


These are now on backorder from GM, we have none left as of 3/31/23. If an order is placed it will be fulfilled as soon as we get more in. 

This brand new intake manifold assembly from Chevrolet Performance Parts is designed to work with L92/L76/LS3 (rectangle port) cylinder heads. This is the original equipment from the 2009-13 Corvette LS3. It comes complete with 39 Lb/Hr. injectors, return-less fuel rail assembly, 90mm drive-by-wire throttle body, bolts, gaskets, and MAP sensor. This intake will not work with cathedral type heads (unless you have an adapter) nor will it work with LS7 heads. 

**The fuel rail can be flipped to have the inlet on the opposite side
**The throttle body can be rotated 180* as well
**Perfect addition to your LS3 long block assembly, for an overall cheaper price. 

Part number: 19418251