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LS3 LSA 80lb Fuel Injectors EV6 - by Fuel Injector Connection LS7 LS9


Part number: FIC80CTSV-8

New, flow matched set of LS3 / LSA / etc. 80lb/hr fuel injectors.

These are a great upgrade for CTSV / ZL1 / LSA users with a pulley change, cam upgrade, and E85 fuel. We've used these injectors up to 720rwhp applications on E85. If you have goals higher than this number, we recommend 1000cc / 95lb injectors, and of course a proper low-side fuel system capable of your goals.

They also work where LS7 and LS9 injectors were installed.

These have a standard EV6 connector. 

Sold as a set of 8. 

Flow rates:

850 cc/min - 3.0 BAR (43.5 psi)
911 cc/min - 3.5 BAR (50.8 psi)
980 cc/min - 4.0 BAR (58.0 psi)
Complete static and dynamic flow information with each set.
Plus correct injector latency, full injector data supplied for all GM vehicles in either HP Tuners or EFI Live format.