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LS3 Long Block Completion Kit for 430 495 525 Crate Engines


Generally IN STOCK! Call for latest availability if you're in a hurry. 


It's 2024. 
You just bought an LS3 Long Block Crate (From PTS or somewhere else).
Now you need everything else to make it into a crate engine!

Lucky for you, we did the hard work for you, and have one complete kit to get everything you need. 
Ok in all fairness there are a couple things we omitted:
You will not get a water pump or exhaust manifolds with this kit. We figure your accessory drive will come with a new pump, and you're probably switching to headers anyway. (If you need these items give us a call). 


-Genuine OEM LS3 intake manifold assembly with throttle body, fuel rail, fuel injectors (OE EV6 36#), gaskets, and hardware. (BRAND NEW, not take-off parts). 

-ACDelco ignition coil packs, rectangle style. (New take-offs, never had power to them).

-ACDelco coil brackets & coil harnesses

-Mounting hardware for brackets & coils

-Genuine ACDelco spark plug wire set with heat shields

-Genuine ACDelco spark plugs (not shown)

-ACDelco 45-degree oil fill tube & cap (not shown)


-Instructions (see pictures for torque specs though!)

-Water pump

-Exhaust manifolds 


We can get you these items as well, but most accessory drives come with a new water pump; most vehicles won't fit stock manifolds, and if you're changing the oil pan, the dipstick will be different. So that's why we leave them out of this kit.