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LS3 495hp T56 6-Speed Manual Connect & Cruise Package



Chevrolet Performance’s innovative Connect & Cruise factory-matched engine-and-transmission combinations reduce the time and hassle of picking the parts to power your project vehicle.

Each system matches one of our performance Small-Block, Big-Block and LS/LT crate engines with a complementing transmission, as well as the supporting calibrated controllers, torque converters (for automatic transmissions) and installation kits.

With Chevrolet Performance’s Connect & Cruise combinations, it’s never been easier to pick your project powertrain!

Mixing the capable LS "Hot Cam" with the powerful 6.2L LS3 takes affordable performance to a great, new level - 495 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. that will wake up your vintage Camaro, Chevelle or "shoebox" Chevy. The T56 Super Magnum Six-Speed Manual Transmission backs the LS376/480 with strength and durability. Put this combo to work in your classic cruiser and enjoy a great balance of performance and efficiency!

Connect & Cruise System Components:

Part Number: CPSLS376480T56
Engine: 19434638
Engine Control System: 19354330
Transmission: 19352208
Transmission Installation Kit: 19301625

Engine Specifications

  • LS376 / 480 (376 cu in)
  • 480 hp @ 5750 rpm
  • 475 lb.-ft. @ 4500 rpm
  • 10.7:1 compression ratio

Transmission Specifications Manual

  • T56 Super Magnum six-speed manual
  • Slip-yoke design, 40-tooth reluctor ring
  • 2.66 first gear ratio, 0.63 overdrive ratio
  • 33.6 inches long (approx.)