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LS Forward Facing Turbo Manifold / Header



These turbo manifolds are the absolute tightest-fitting, highest clearance set you’ve ever seen. 
Using cast 316 stainless flanges and tight elbows, these are ideal for your turbo application. 

The set comes fully welded, but the end of the 2.5" log is open for you to attach whatever turbo flange or crossover to. 

*Flanges: 3/8" thick, 316 SS
*90-degree elbows: 1 7/8" diameter, .070" thick, 316 SS
*2.5" Tubing: .065" thick, 304 SS. 
*Since these are not made from pipe, we recommend bracing your turbo to lessen the weight load on the headers, for ultimate reliability. 

These include gaskets and ARP mounting hardware as well.

They can be installed on either side of your LS engine, so they can be “up and forward” or “down and forward”. Or, maybe you have a unique application, they can be installed facing rearward as well. 
They’re also available for Gen V LT applications. 

Our pricing includes free shipping within the 48 states. We can ship anywhere, email for a quote. 


*While we have not tried every single combination of accessory drives, water pumps, and valve covers, we have test fit a few things, and here are our findings so far: 

*Down and forward will interfere with LS water pumps. However, if you trim off the 2.5" tubing back to the first primary tube, you can go down and forward to go under the heater hose ports on a mechanical water pump. Of course, an electric water pump will have a better chance of clearing as-is. 

*Up and forward (or backward) will require coil relocation. These are very tight to the head, so plug wires will have to be connected around the manifold, not between the valve cover and manifold like a factory configuration.