LS Cast Stainless Steel Header Flanges


***Qty 1 will get you 4 flanges, which is enough for both sides.

Are you looking to build your own custom headers for your LS/LSX engine?

Do you require a high strength, lightweight header flange? Do you want a unique design, one that sets the header apart from all others?

The distinctive Ultimate Headers investment cast Stainless Steel flanges are available separately to meet your need for a custom-fabricated headers!

Because of the attention paid to creating not only the unique appearance, but to the physical properties, Ultimate Headers flanges are lighter than flat stock materials (mild steel & SS), are exceptionally strong and deliver excellent clamping forces to the cylinder head!


  • Patented design (U.S. Patent US D700,554 S)
  • Feature aerospace derived engineering techniques and metallurgical processes
  • 316L Grade Stainless Steel delivers a very strong casting with heat and corrosion resistance
  • Flange rib design gives exceptional strength and reduced weight
  • A perfect match with Unique Headers 316L Stainless Steel cast tight radius header elbows
  • Runs cooler due to increased surface area, thus further reducing tendency to warp
  • Available in Mill, or Mirror Polished finishes
  • Comes as a set of 4, covering both sides. 
  • Hole size / primary size 1.875" aka 1 7/8"