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Holley LSA Accessory Drive w/Low Mount AC - Serpentine Belt

If you're looking to swap an LSA into your vehicle but your engine didn't come with accessories or the factory setup is too wide to fit your project, Holley has the solution. Rather than trying to track down each individual accessory you need, the LSA Accessory Drive Kit offers the total package in a clean, economical configuration in your choice of Natural or Black Finishes. It is even designed to work with the original LSA damper/pulley and similar aftermarket versions. Holley's LSA complete accessory system has all accessories pulled in tighter than other accessory drives. The design offers superb engine visibility to show off your horsepower, not your accessories. The Holley designed alternator is just as innovative. This premium alternator utilizes 6-phase technology as found on the C7 Corvette. The compact and reliable SD7 A/C compressor and Type II P/S pump with baffled reservoir are also integrated. Easy assembly was a priority during the entire development of this accessory solution. Color graphical instructions walk you through every step of the ultra-easy installation. This kit looks truly at home on the LSA engine, so much so that nobody will realize it didn't come this way from the factory.


  • Compatible with the original LSA damper/pulley and similar aftermarket versions
  • Compatible with LSA and 2010-15 LS Camaro water pumps
  • All brackets, pulleys, and belts are supplied for both the supercharger and all accessories
  • Notably more clearance for swap applications than other options
  • Includes Holley compact SD7 A/C kit (P/N 20-160) - This clears most aftermarket motor mounts, but frame notching may be required on certain applications. See dimensioned pictures). 
  • Includes Gen V LT1 style premium 150-amp alternator
  • Includes Holley’s Integral Reservoir and Type II Power Steering Pump and Bracket w/ baffled reservoir
  • Power Steering Hard Line Adapter and P/S Pulley Also Included
  • OE pulley ratios for optimal accessory performance, allows for larger SC crank pulley  (Note from Pro Touring Store: Significantly larger-than-stock blower pulleys may not clear lower idler; some customization or a smaller idler pulley may be required). 
  • Original Equipment look – Available in Natural and Black Finishes


Note: This drive works with the original LSA damper/pulley and similar aftermarket versions

IMPORTANT NOTE IF PAINTING COMPONENTS: The alternator and A/C compressor ground through their mounting brackets. If painting or coating the brackets, the mating surfaces must all be bare metal allowing a ground path from the accessories' mounting feet to the engine block and ultimately the negative terminal on the battery.

Helpful hint: When wiring the alternator, install the included 197-400 plug into the alternator. Next, connect the yellow wire to switched voltage that is "on" when the key is in the run position. If the vehicle has a "charge indicator light", the yellow wire can be connected to that circuit.

The P/S pulley must be installed using an installation tool that can be rented at most auto parts stores. Incorrect installation of this pulley may damage the P/S pump internals. When installed, the pulley bore face should be flush with the end of the pump shaft.

HELPFUL HINT: When installing the belt, route around all the pulleys except the water pump pulley. While fully rotating the tensioner arm, slip the belt on the smooth water pump pulley last. Use serpentine belt supplied if using ALL included Holley accessories and supplemental parts.

NOTE: If you are NOT using all the Holley accessories supplied, or have changed the original crank or any accessory's pulleys, you will have to measure to find the correct belt length.