Holley Godzilla 7.3L Cast Intake Manifold - Ford - Low Profile 300-900


Part numbers:
300-900 (plain cast)
300-900BK (black)

Holley's low-profile intake manifold for Ford's 7.3L "Godzilla" engine, when paired with a 20-340/20-340BK oil pan and accessory drive kit, allows for easy installation into vintage vehicles, kit cars, and other space-restricted applications while retaining the factory hood. The design focus for this manifold was equal cylinder distribution and great street manners. This low-profile intake manifold offers a much cleaner alternative to the original plastic intake, provides over 2 inches of additional clearance, and corrects the OE throttle body angle by 55 degrees. With three throttle body options, sturdy cast aluminum construction, a removable lower panel, and long runners to maintain the 7.3-liter's already substantial torque offering, this is a must-have for any "Godzilla" project.

• Throttle Body Options:
1) 1986-1993 5.0L Mustang style drive-by-cable throttle bodies
2) 2020-2023 7.3L drive-by-wire throttle body
3) 2020-2023 GT500 drive-by-wire throttle body (requires part #300-903)

• Compatible Engine Components:
1) Factory accessories as well as Holley accessory drives (except for #20-380 and #97-409)
2) Factory fuel rails and Holley #534-265 / #534-266 billet rails


  • Lower profile (2+ inches) than the OE intake manifold
  • Sturdy cast aluminum construction that will hold up to the elements and forced induction
  • Three throttle body options to choose from: OE 7.3L DBW, Fox Body cable driven style, 2020-2023 GT500
  • Perfect complement to Holley’s Godzilla Accessory Drive and Oiling System (20-320 / 20-320BK / 20-340 / 20-340BK) for fitment into tight engine bays
  • Removable lower intake panel that can be removed for additional porting, nitrous, etc
  • Incoroporates long runners for solid low-end torque
  • Includes throttle body gasket and all necessary o-rings and adapters to mount to the engine
  • Compatible with OE or Holley accesory drives and OE or Holley Fuel Rails
  • Corrects OE Throttle Body Angle by 55 degrees

Tech Resources:

 Instructions for Part# 300-900

Included: Heater delete kit (# 97-425), hardware/o-ring kit (# 300-905), and NPT plugs for unused vacuum ports at rear of manifold (1x 1/8NPT, 1/4 NPT, and 3/8 NPT)

Recommended items: Holley dipstick and tube (# 302-14), Holley Oil Pan and Accessory Drive Kit (# 20-340 / 20-340BK), Godzilla Oil Pan Race Baffle (# 302-105), Godzilla Oil Cooler Adapter (# GZ0001ERL), Billet fuel rail kit (# 534-265 / 534-266)

Optional items: Heater line adapter (# 300-901), GT500 throttle body adapter (# 300-903), and O-ring replacement kit (# 300-906)