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Holley 302-4 LS Swap Oil Pan 4WD Offroad - Aluminum 302-4BK

GM's popular LS engines find their way into a huge variety of vehicles. Unfortunately, the factory LS pans don't always fit in the vehicles we would like. Holley's new LS 4WD Off-Road Engine Swap Oil Pan is designed to help. It provides maximum clearance to the chassis and drivetrain for the K10 chassis and other LS swapped 4WD applications, plus provides an OE (Original Equipment) Style fitment for durability and proper sealing. In addition, the 302-4 and 302-4BK are compatible with all popular transmissions (SM465, NV4500, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60-4L70, 4L80, 6L80 and 6L90).

Holley also offers an optional off-road hinged door baffle (#302-33 for LS engines and #302-34 for LT engines) and rock shield (#302-35) that can be added at any time to further protect your investment.

*See Installation Notes below for important information regarding necessary modifications to windage tray, capacity, etc. (see instructions for full details).


  • Provides OE Style fitment - OE oil filter mounting, OE oil cooler port provision, OE flange gasket and sealing, proper structural rigidity, and OE bell-housing attachments
  • Traditional high-quality cast aluminum appearance with clean exterior styling
  • Complete kit including sump baffle, pick-up tube, pick-up o-ring, oil filter stud, & oil passage cover
  • Fits GM K10 and other LS Swapped 4-wheel drive applications
  • Maximum crankshaft stroke - 4.00-inches
  • Compatible with hinged-door baffle #302-33 and rock shield #302-35 which can be added at any time



-Maximum crankshaft stroke = 4.00"
-Sump Oil Capacity - 5.6 Quarts
-Total Oil Capacity with stock oil filter - 6.1 Quarts
-Mr. Gasket 78080G or equivalent high-quality RTV sealer
-Oil Pan Gasket (Mr. Gasket P/N 6665G, GM® 12612350, or equivalent)
-Oil Filter (AC Delco® PF48 or PF48E, Mobile M1-113, Wix 57060, K&N HP-1017, or equivalent)
-Requires use of Holley 302-15 Dipstick and Tube Kit or LS3 dipstick (GM P/N 12669528) and tube (GM P/N 12625031)
-Compatible with all popular transmissions (SM465, NV4500, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60-4L70, 4L80, 6L80 and 6L90).
-Windage tray options: 1) GM "F-body" windage tray, GM P/N 12558253 or 2) A full-length windage tray may be used if the tray is shortened and cut for pick-up tube clearance.
*Modification is required to provide clearance to the pick-up tube on both options. See instructions for further details on the windage tray modifications required.
-These pans are not intended to be used with engines that originally utilized a dry sump system.