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Holley 2 Piece Finned LS Valve Covers - Hidden Coils


Hide your LS coil packs with Holley's 2-piece valve covers!

 -Cast aluminum 2-Piece LS valve covers designed to mount and hide both Gen I and Gen V style LS coil bodies
 -Retain the performance of factory coil-on-cover ignition without the unsightly styling
 -Base fits LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engines with clearance for .750” lift cam with stock style rocker arms
 -Base features internally baffled ventilation system
 -Coil cover features Holley vintage style fins and cast-in wiring provisions
 -No coil relocation, wire harness extensions, or custom spark plug wires required
 -Includes low-profile billet oil fill cap
 -Includes all necessary coil mounting and dress-up hardware