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Hellcat Intercooler Manifolds - Billet AN Low Profile - Demon Redeye Hellephant


Make your Hellcat swap a little easier by ditching the large cast intercooler manifold on the factory Hellcat / Demon superchargers, and replace with our exclusive billet adapters!
The passenger side manifold is about 1 inch shallower than the factory Hellcat piece, NOT INCLUDING the pesky temp sensor that sticks off even further!

With these Schwartz intercooler manifolds, you can choose your own path for the intercooler hoses, and use #10 AN hose instead of ugly rubber hose or attempting to adapt factory hoses.

This kit includes:
-(1) LH and (1) RH billet aluminum manifold
-(4) #10 AN to O-ring adapters
-(1) #10 AN to NPT fitting adapter for temp sensor
-(1) 1/8″ NPT allen plug
-(1) #10 O-ring low profile allen plug

***You will need to furnish the in/out side of the blocks to your reservoir/pump/heat exchanger using #10 AN O-ring adapters of your choice. Straight or 45 degree swivel adapters will work, with a 90 or 45 degree hose end attached.***

-(1) Mopar water temp sensor
-(1) 1/8NPT bleeder
-(4) Torx button head bolts