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Godzilla 7.3L Trinity Intake Manifold by BTR - Ford


The latest offering from BTR in high quality cast aluminum intake manifolds! The new TrInity Godzilla manifold is a short runner, 3-piece design that allows for the ultimate in application flexibility. It is similar in concept to billet Intakes costing thousands more. Optimum operating range is 6000-8500 rpm and is primarily intended to bridge the gap between N/A and Boosted applications.

It utilizes the LT1 throttle body when using an OEM ECU. Can also be used with LS style 4 hole TBI's when using aftermarket ECU's.

The design incorporates 2 runners and an interchangeable plenum. The seal is generated by 8 entrapped o’rings at the runner/plenum interface, and is clamped by 20 -M6 Stainless steel socket head cap screws. The port seals are achieved SAE o’rings seated in a dovetailed o’ring groove. Both the port mouth radius and the port match is CNC machined.

The TRInity incorporates 2-1/4 -27 NPT ports on the side of the throttle body boss and a 3/8-18” NPT on the rear.

The manifold is available in Natural or Black Satin Texture powder coat finishes. The manifold comes semi-assembled and includes all the hardware required to bolt it on. Runners and plenums can be purchased separately.

Part number: TRA-GZ (plain aluminum), or TRA-GZ-BLK (black finish)