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Godzilla 7.3L Ford Bell Housing for TKX TKO Transmissions - Aluminum 5 Speed


Part number: LK8300K

Perfect for a swap project, this Lakewood cast aluminum bellhousing connects Ford's 7.3L "Godzilla" Engine to a Ford-style Tremec TKX, TKO, or TR-3550 transmission. The LK8300K is meant to be used with hydraulic release/throw-out bearings only (we suggest Hays #82-103). Also included are a block plate, the necessary Grade8/10.9 hardware, and a grommet for keeping road debris out where the hydraulic lines are routed.


  • Lightweight cast aluminum design similar to the original equipment bellhousings
  • Connects Ford 7.3L “Godzilla” engine to Ford-style TKX and TKO as well as the TR-3550
  • Lower cost non-SFI rated option for projects that do not require a steel SFI rated unit
  • Designed For Hydraulic Throwout/Release Bearing (recommend Hays #82-103)
  • Works with OE starters, flywheels etc.
  • Includes Grade 8/10.9 Hardware for both engine and transmission
  • Includes block plate and grommet for sealing off hydraulic hose opening