Gen V LT4 Accessory Drive by Drive Junky - Wet Sump


Introducing the most inclusive, best-fitting LT4 accessory drive on the market today. 

There have only been a handful of production engines in history that have eclipsed the 650 plus HP mark, and the new generation GM LT4 is one of them. This is the most powerful production engine GM has EVER sold period. If you are going through the trouble to adapt one of these into your car, it makes no sense to not go with the best quality you can find in aftermarket parts to run the accessories. This kit fits the LT4 and is a direct bolt on for the LT4 wet sump. (We also have a dry sump version available, and an LT5 dry sump version). Countless hours of R&D have gone into what you see here.
The supercharger belt on this system runs only one thing: the supercharger. The belt length is short, and runs a gates heavy duty automatic tensioner. The tensioner can be seen under the custom machined cover on the front of the engine. This drive system simplifies and shortens the belt run that the factory engines run. The blower drive, and accessory drive belts feature Gates’ new RPM Racing belt made from a High-modulus, low-stretch polyester tensile cord with the strength to transmit load more accurately with less vibration. All accessories run on a separate belt behind the blower drive. The “rear” accessory belt drive is the same drive with some modifications that is on our LT1, so see those kits too for additional info or layout questions.

Important Note: The LT4 crate engines are shipping from GM in one of two configurations as far as accessories go. They come bare with only the harmonic balancer, or bottom crank pulley, and the water pump. Our systems pick up from there and include everything else you need, including the addition of a power steering pump (which no LT4 ever had).  Like the LS there are some differences with the water pump and balancer installed on the engine from GM which depend on the vehicle they were designed to be installed in. There is a Cadillac CTSV, CAMARO, and the Corvette variation. The water pumps differ and the belt distance from the face of the block to the belt is a bit further on the CTSv version. This system is a direct bolt on for the wet sump CTSV / CAMARO variant to give the option of different alternator setups (the water pump has a built in bracket on the corvette version which limits those choices, as well as packaging concerns and best belt wrap, layout etc. If you have another “version” we can accommodate those engines, please call on those). 

Here is an example part number of one of the correct style LT4’s for our systems. GM 19355404   We have included a photo of the correct style GM engine at the end of the picture gallery on this page.
Most of the engines going out now ship this way from GM, when they are ordered as wet sump. Once again, if you don’t have this version call us.

-Will clear without modification early hard to fit automotive car frames
-First polished then hard anodized black brackets and pulleys to fit with the new engines look.
-Our special dual high RPM bearing stainless steel axle idlers
-Gates RPM racing belts
-Gates automatic tensioners on both belts
-All stainless steel high strength hardware.
-Short and simple blower drive belt for added durability and performance.
-Powermaster single wire internal fan 170 amp alternator
-Sanden brand (not knockoff) ac compressor with custom one piece manifold to adapt to standard hose O ring fittings and all aftermarket AC systems, and billet AC pump cover.
-AC compressor bracket clears most LT swap motor mounts. The AC compressor manifold comes straight out the side, which can be tight on some applications. There are tight 90 degree adapters available from Vintage Air that help in these cases. Most applications have plenty of room here, however. 
-Aluminum power steering type 2 gm pump with integral reservoir & 6AN fitting for the pressure line.
-Machined out of solid billet 6061 aircraft aluminum in large pieces. This is a big difference here, we utilize heavier stock and machine away more material than our competition to minimize additional parts (spacers) to fit the parts better. This is much more expensive and labor intensive than the “plate and spacer” technology you see all over the industry.
-Accessories are easily removed for engine service, much thought has gone into this, we all work on our engines from time to time.

And of course this kit is entirely built and machined by us here in the USA, AND utilizes USA made accessories.

***Typically this drive has a 4-6 week lead time.