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Gen V LT1 LT4 PCV Drainback Kit for use with Holley 302-20 Oil Pan


Did you swap a Holley 302-20 LT oil pan onto your engine and realize your black plastic PCV catch tank has nowhere to drain to? 

Look no further, as we have a solution for you. Our specially machined fitting slips into your plastic tank, and gives it an 8AN outlet. On the pan side, our NPT adapter and one-way check valve attaches and also has an 8AN attachment. Then, we supply you a pair of 90 degree AN hose ends, and a length of black braided AN hose. You will need to install one hose end, check the length you need, cut to length, and install the final hose end. While the install is pretty straightforward, you will need to grind a little bit of the webbing around the motor mounts on your engine block to fit the hose through it.

They fit the following engines that are equipped with an OEM PCV catch tank:
LT1 wet sump (Camaro, Corvette)
LT4 wet sump (Camaro ZL1, Corvette, CTS-V)
Dry sump engines are not equipped with this.