Gen V LT Water Pump Fitting Cap 5/8 Quick Disconnect - Coolant


If you deleted your oil cooler on your LT engine, it's likely that you now have a water pump port to cover.

This specialty fitting clips on like the factory oil cooler hose did, and seals with an O ring inside. Made out of billet aluminum in the USA, these won't fail like a rubber cap will over time! Plus, no clamp to mess with. Just slightly lube the O ring surface (or fitting) and clip it on! 


*Since it's a standard 5/8" quick disconnect, it also works as a cap for keeping dust or contaminates out of your LSA, LS9 and LT4 supercharger intercoolers. 

*Fits LT Series valve cover breather quick connect fitting with modification (shortening) of the valve cover fitting