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Gen V LT Engine Stand for Transportation, Storage, Shipping


We at PTS have been using Motofeet engine stands for 10+ years!
They are amazing for the price, and made right here in the USA.


**Rubber casters are out of stock for the time being while Motofeet locates a new supplier. 


  • Sturdy Boxed Steel Alloy Construction
  • Mount plate is thick 1/4" steel with Pre-Drilled Holes to match your engine
  • Attractive and Durable Black Powder Coating
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Bolts right to your engine mount pads on your engine block - attaches in minutes!
  • Strong enough to hold your complete engine AND transmission
  • Affordably Priced
  • Made in the USA

Use the Motofeet Engine Stand for:   

  • Working on your engine
  • Engine Display or Storage
  • Shipping or Transportation

Who Needs This?   

  • Engine Builders
  • Racers
  • Speed Shops
  • Merchandisers
  • Auto Recyclers (Salvage Yards)

Includes: One Pair stand legs (Optional Steel or OSHA approved Rubber Casters available).  
*Rubber casters are great for epoxy-coated or other delicate floors. 
*Steel casters are best suited for hard surfaces like bare concrete or for long-term storage. 


  • Every Motofeet stand features welded-in (3/8"-16) threaded inserts to allow easy mounting of optional casters.
  • If using the stand to transport an engine, it is recommended to  remove the casters and securely mount or strap the stand legs and engine  in place to prevent movement.