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Gen 3 Hemi Engine Lifting Brackets - Hellcat


***Out of stock until Feb 2024***



Sold as a set of 4, these brackets are flame cut & TIG welded to match all Gen 3 Hemi exhaust port mounting holes (5.7, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 7.0, etc). Designed to clear the Hellcat & Redeye supercharger!
Bolts are included, to mount them to your heads! Use some anti-seize though to prevent galling.
You will need to disconnect the exhaust manifolds, and that’s it! The brackets are designed to fit around OEM valve covers. They have a hole at the top for you to bolt a chain to, or some other fastening device to your hoist.

These are uncoated steel, and will rust over time. If that’s a problem for you, wipe some WD40 on them, paint them, etc.
We would powdercoat them, but after the first use they would not look so good anymore.

FREE SHIPPING within the 48 states, please give us a call or email for a quote outside the USA.