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Fore Adjustable Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator 450-1200hp


Fore Innovations is one of the leaders in high performance fuel systems. 

Pro Touring Store offers their high-quality adjustable fuel pressure regulators which are perfect for 99% of Pro-Touring style builds. 

They're USA made, and feature 8AN ports for demanding situations, or adapt to a smaller port if needed.  

  • Inlet Ports: two #8 o-ring
  • Return Port: #8 o-ring
  • Auxillary Port: 1/8 NPT (plug included)
  • Boost/Vacuum Reference Port: 1/8 NPT (1/4" barb fitting included)
  • Base Pressure range: 25-70 psi
  • Boost Limit: 250 psi - (Boost reference increases 1:1 so 1psi boost equals 1psi increase in fuel pressure). 

*Hydrodynamic internal cavity suitable for passthrough regulation
*Zero chatter design for maximum life expectancy and maintained accuracy
*Fine Pitch adjustment screw for precise setting of fuel pressure

PTS rates this regulator from 450hp to 1200hp. It can be used with standard pump fuel, or E85. The internal valve is made of ceramic to prevent corrosion in high ethanol content configurations. 
*If you are over 1200hp, the F4i 4-port version of this regulator is recommended which has larger and more ports. 

This regulator does not include the fitting adapters but we also sell those. The regulator has 8AN O-Ring (ORB) ports so choose fittings accordingly.