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Dakota Digital Grafix Gauges for 55-59 Chevy Pickup - Truck GRFX-55C-PU



Part number: GRFX-55C-PU 

Dropping into the OEM front gauge bezel, the GRFX-55C-PU brings your 1955-59 Chevy Truck into the modern age.  With a range of compatibility from the OEM engine to the latest LT power, this kit will provide detailed monitoring of your under-hood investment, while providing your eyes with the latest in technology and customization ability. 

The Grafix Series allows the user to customize nearly every aspect of the instrument system.  A variety of graphic themes can be selected, each element within can be further personalized with unique display colors and warning modes.  Furthermore, each gauge location can be configured with an Analog, Digital, or Bar-graph style of readout. Each display can show readings singly, grouped in pairs for twice the visible data, or completely reconfigured to show a different readout entirely!

New to the automotive aftermarket is the integration of a reverse backup video display, offering you visibility, safety and peace of mind while backing.  Using the largest onboard display within the Grafix system, the video footage is displayed right within the instrument cluster! Dakota Digital offers a range of backup cameras, available separately, with full-length wire harness and universal mounting for simplified installation.

Onboard GPS technology provides automatic speedometer calibration, no matter the tire size or gearing! A wired VSS source is used to provide an always-present and real-time speedometer input signal, utilizing the GPS information as a known speed reference, providing the user with no-touch calibration for the ultimate convenience! 

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows wireless access to the Dakota Digital App, available for download on your smartphone or tablet.  The app can be used for simple configuration, calibration, system customization or even vehicle troubleshooting with real-time gauge and sensor data.  USB access port provides field updates, allowing for future enhancements, new factory-released graphic theme imports and a variety of features yet to come. 

Integrated G-force meter provides a graphical display of the real-time gravity impact.  Whether carving the corners, launching or braking with authority, this display will show you effects of your driving prowess.

The primary user-control is made with a fully-backlit rotary encoder. Conveniently located in the face of the instrument system, this billet-aluminum control knob provides access to readout changes, resetting of various timers or settings.  Deeper yet, all calibration and display configuration can be done here as well, putting all system controls at the tip of your fingers!

Like all Dakota Digital systems, an external control module is utilized, allowing the installer to better plan and control vehicle wiring, creating a tidy finished installation and reducing the amount of wiring routed to the gauge cluster itself.  A complete sensor package enclosed, including a Water Temperature probe with a full-length harness and a variety of adaptor bushings.  A solid-state Oil Pressure Transducer for paramount accuracy and a Speedometer Pulse Generator are included as well, each with respective full-length harnesses.

Completely Engineered and Produced in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, all Dakota Digital instrument systems carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.