Corbeau GTS II Seat



The GTS II is one of those seats that will just never go away. You know a product is great when it stands the test of time and the GTS II has done just that. Chances are, whether you know it or not, you've sat in a GTS II and chances are you probably made a comment about how comfortable it was. For years it's been a favorite among the Corbeau line and will continue to be for years to come. The GTS II seat is the perfect seat for the daily driver who wants a sporty stock look, while still maintaining aggressive comfort. This anatomically advanced seat was designed with deep and aggressive thigh and kidney supports while still maintaining the “stock” look. This unique and stylish seat will give your interior that added luxury you are looking for. The GTS II seat will not only enhance your driving experience but will make you realize just how uncomfortable your stock seats are.


20301: Black Cloth
20309: Grey Cloth
S20301: Black Suede
LS20301: Black Leather/Suede
LS20309: Black Leather/Grey Suede
L20301: Black Leather