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Charcoal Canister Vapor Trapper for Fuel Tank Vent - Universal - Fumes


The Shop48 Vapor Trapper is a high quality billet aluminum charcoal vapor canister that is proudly made in the USA. It is universally designed to be installed on the vent line of your vintage car, truck, hotrod and also marine fuel cells that vent to the atmosphere to reduce/eliminate raw fuel smells in your garage or storage.
Nothing else on the market is as high quality and effective as the Vapor Trapper. Installation of the Vapor Trapper is easy as it goes in line with your fuel tank vent hose via practically any inlet/outlet configuration.
The picture shows optional 3/8 barb ends, but you can also use -6 AN ORB for custom installation. You can use simple rubber lined adel clamps that we offer or any other 2 1/2 inch clamp. These are very effective and have been very well received by the vintage car/truck community as well as several high-end shops are exclusively using the Vapor Trapper on all of their builds!  

Choose from silver or black anodized, and 6” for tight applications or 8” for applications where you have the room.