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Carbon Fiber Brake Booster 9 Inch - by MP Brakes - Carbon X


CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER – Do you currently pop the hood on your most prized possession and absolutely hate the look of the brake booster? We have for years and finally decided to do something about it. Master Power Brakes is excited to introduce our all new CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER. There is finally a brake booster that has the looks to go along with today’s high-end builds. Traditionally a builder has gone to great lengths to move, hide or cover the brake booster. It is finally a part that can be featured.

Our CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER consists of high gloss outer carbon fiber shells holding the modern 9-inch, dual diaphragm internals. All of this is held together with several CNC machined billet aluminum components including the two outer billet aluminum rings which can have the hardware exposed, or hidden from the front of the brake booster along with different finish options for the rings themselves.

Whenever you are ready to take your brake system and engine compartment to the next level, give us a call. The CARBON X BRAKE BOOSTER is the solution!

*Works with most 2-bolt master cylinders such as MP Brakes, Wilwood, Baer, and other OEM styles. 
*Available in different custom finishes, contact us for details
*Just like most any booster, you will need to verify the pushrod depth into the master cylinder upon installation