Carbon Fiber & Billet Steering Wheel - Patriarc - by Ring Brothers


“Patriarc” Carbon-Fiber Steering Wheel by Ring Brothers.

All the technology and quality of a Ringbrothers build in your hands. Grip and rip! “Patriarc” steering wheel features the latest materials technology combined with the classic bold styling Ringbrothers has become known for. The result is a durable quality product made to the high standards of any Ringbrothers part or project. It is inspired and approved by racing driver Greg Murphy whose ’69 Dodge Charger features the same wheel. It has universal fitment and compliments any classic or modern build. 


  • Deep spokes machined from high-strength 6061 billet aluminum
  • Exposed carbon-fiber hoops in traditional carbon weave (3K) or crushed carbon (CC) finish
    • 3K: The 3K hoop option features a carbon fiber weave pattern which is the most common form of carbon fiber produced. 
    • CC: The Crushed Carbon (also known as Chopped or Forged Carbon) is a process of crushing or chopping carbon into flakes and then using that to create the carbon lay. 
  • Chiseled center hub surrounding 3D-printed “Grip-n-Rip” horn button
  • Sold in a natural finish fit for custom paint or use as-is
  • Easy installation on GM 67-94, Ididit and Flaming River Universal steering columns
  • As featured on Ringbrothers '69 Mach-1 Mustang dubbed Patriarc