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Cadillac CTS Style GM LS DBW Pedal - Drive by Wire - Holley - Gen 4 - LT - CTSV


This is the "Cadillac" pedal that is most commonly used with Holley and GM engine management systems. Also called the CTS pedal, or CTSV pedal. (The CTSV pedal has a stainless pedal pad actually... but otherwise is the same as this pedal). 

It's a genuine GM product. Don't buy the off brand copies, it's not worth it!

We have a variety of brackets for muscle cars when using this pedal. We also have pedal pad adapters to adapt your factory GM pedal pad to this! (Search GPA on the search bar). 

These are interchangeable with all Gen 4 LS computers, as well as Holley Terminator X Max & Dominator. They work with Speartech LS and LT harnesses, BP Automotive harnesses, PSI harnesses. 

It is an OEM replacement for all 2004-2015 Cadillac CTS's as well. 

GM part number: 10379038