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C4 Corvette Bumpsteer Kit 84-96


This adjustable front bumpsteer kit is a direct replacement for the outer tie-rod end on all 1984-1996 Corvettes. (Works on C5/C6 as well!).

The special adjustable bumpsteer studs are billet alloy steel and fit directly into the OE steering arm with no modifications necessary. 

The adapter sleeves are black hardcoated aluminum hex that thread directly onto the OE inner tie-rods with no modifications necessary and feature chromoly rod-ends with teflon wear liners.

The adjustable bumpsteer stud uses an assortment of precision spacers and shims to tune the height of the outer tie-rod point to a specific bumpsteer value.  This is necessary to eliminate “darty” or irratic steering response, especially when the car has been modified or lowered for performance driving.  The bumpsteer curve can be dialed-in to help improve turn-in and overall corning performance for performance and competitive driving.  It is also possible to “tune” the feel of the steering to each individual car and driver combination.

All necessary installation hardware and instructions are included.

All parts are coated for corrosion resistance and long service life.

Made in USA.