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Billet Inline Fuel Filter by DSX - 12 micron - AN - Post


This filter is intended for placement after fuel pumps to protect fuel injectors from contaminants and debris in fuel. The filter housing is CNC machined in the USA by DSX. All o-rings exposed to fuel are made from fluorosilicone for the ultimate in fuel compatibility.

The inlet and outlet are both 10ORB connections so you can adapt to whatever you need. Click HERE to visit our ORB fittings to adapt 10AN to your fuel line size.

The filter elements are 12μm fiberglass elements available in 80mm and 130mm lengths which meet the filtration requirements for Injector Dynamics and other manufacturers. This element is E85 safe!

The standard short housing accepts the 80mm element. If you ever wish to upgrade to the 130mm we sell an extension piece and 130mm element separately, email us for pricing. 

An optional mount is available that uses o-rings and a set screw to hold the housing in place.