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Aluminum Remote Power Steering Reservoir

Holley's remote mounted power steering reservoirs are ideal for applications that can not fit a pump mounted reservoir. These lightweight aluminum reservoirs have an internal baffle and air separator to keep the fluid from getting foamy or overflowing. Choose from two styles of reservoirs - Use 198-211 (polished aluminum finish) for custom & racing applications (fabricate mount or use clamps for mounting), or 198-212 has a black finish, and includes mounting bracket. Reservoirs include AN fittings. The dual inlet ports support the plumbing required for Hydro-Boost brake systems. The factory style plastic pump-mounted power steering reservoir does not have the extra inlet port that is required for Hydro-Boost. These remote reservoirs when used with Earls power steering pump adapters (PS0001ERL, PS0002ERL, PS003ERL, PS0004ERL) eliminate the plastic reservoir & allow easy plumbing for the outlet from the Hydro-Boost to the reservoir. If you don't have a Hydro-boost brake system, install the included AN plug on the extra inlet port.


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Dual inlet Ports Support Hydro-Boost Brake Systems - Plumbing Solution with this Style Brakes when Used with Earls Pump Adapters
  • Fluid Baffle with Air Separator Built Inside Reservoir - Reduces Foaming and Bubbles in Power Steering Fluid for Improved Steering Performance
  • Port Sizes: (2) -8 ORB Ports on Top (Inlets) & (1) -10 ORB Port on the Bottom (Outlet)
  • Includes Fittings: (1) -6 AN Male Flare to -8 AN ORB, (1) -10 AN Male Flare to -10 AN ORB, and (1) -8 AN Port Plug
  • Vented Cap - Allows Excess Pressure to be Released
  • Universal Design - Fabricate Bracket or Use Clamps for Mounting