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Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 650hp


This Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator is adjustable from 40-75psi, suitable for EFI applications. 
There is a boost reference port that is 1:1, meaning when hooked to a boost source it will increase fuel pressure 1psi per boost PSI (up to 75psi). 
The ports on this regulator are 6AN size. 

It also features a 1/8npt port for a gauge or a pressure sensor. 

PTS rates this regulator at a modest 700hp supercharged.

For more demanding applications such as boosted E85 we recommend an upgrade to the regulator and your fuel line size. 

This regulator does not include the fitting adapters but we also sell those. The regulator has 6AN O-Ring (ORB) ports so choose fittings accordingly.