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1970-1981 GM F-Body CTS DBW Pedal Bracket STEEL - Camaro Firebird - LS Swap


This heavy duty steel bracket bolts in place of the factory cable pedal, and allows you to bolt the GM Connect and Cruise Drive By Wire (DBW) pedal in place. The DBW pedal will be in approximately the same location as the stock pedal. This bracket mounts to the firewall with your exiting 3 factory pedal bolts, and comes with one additional bolt to secure the pedal in place.  Installation is easy and requires drilling only one small hole.  

This bracket is designed to work with the CTS style pedal that has a 3-bolt mounting: GM PART #10379038  (included in most GM Connect And Cruise Harness kits).
The drive by wire pedal is NOT included but can be added in the drop down menu.

NOTE: The truck style pedal will NOT work with this bracket! 
The Corvette pedal will NOT work with this bracket!

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