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1968-1972 GM A-Body Frame Boxing / Stiffening kit


The original, open channel frame under 68-72 GM A-bodies has been called a wet noodle for its lack of rigidity. This ABC Performance Frame Box-In Kit provides precise, CNC laser cut plates to box the mid and rear sections of these open channel frames, greatly increasing chassis stiffness for improved handling and drag racing launches. And makes it possible for owners of 68-72 A-bodies to create a factory looking boxed frame for a fraction of the cost of having a professional chassis shop do the work. The ABC Performance Frame Box-In Kit is available in two stages: two piece center sections or a four piece kit that will box the center and rear sections of the frame. The 1/8-inch plate is cut using a CNC laser and the rear sections are CNC pressed to follow the form of your original frame. The new frame sections can be MIG welded in place. This is the 4 piece kit for GM A-bodies.

*These may have a 1-2 week lead time.