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Which seats to I choose for my Pro-Touring car?

Which seats do I choose for my Pro-Touring car?

 We’ve all sat in a chair or a seat that was uncomfortable. What did you do about it? Change seats? Deal with it? If you’re building a Pro Touring car, you need a good seat. Face it- your stock Camaro, Mustang, Chevelle or whatever bucket or bench you have, is not comfortable. Would you go on a road trip with them? Would your girlfriend/wife ride with you?

If you’re building a Pro Touring car, that means you have some suspension work done. The stock vinyl seats are going to make you slide to the passenger seat if you take a corner hard.

Do you care about safety? Cheap, or even stock seats are typically very unsafe in an accident.

There you go! 3 great reasons why you need an aftermarket seat. Now: Which seat do you choose?

There is a seat out there for nearly every body type. The companies that we deal with are Recaro, Corbeau, Cerullo, Procar by Scat, and Sparco.

So you’ve spent all your money on the suspension, paint, wheels.. and now you’re going to skimp on the interior? Let me help change your mind.

First off, there are 2 different types of seats. 1 piece (non reclining) and 2 piece (reclining). If you’re mostly street driving this car, you will want 2 piece. If it’s more of a race car, 1 piece seats are usually safer and can be FIA approved depending on what it is.

You’ve heard of Recaro. They’ve been a supplier to nearly every major car manufacturer! They are designed in Germany, and some of their seats are made there.
PROS: They use very high quality materials sure to last a long time. From the foam to the frame to the cover, all aspects of a Recaro are truly the highest quality.
CONS: They have little to no customizability, and you cannot buy material from them. Their prices are among the highest, and their lead times are the worst. You are best to contact a dealer for information- getting them on the phone is difficult, and not helpful.

Corbeau is an aftermarket seat company. They have a broad product line, and have been around a while.
PROS: Fantastic prices! There are several seat coverings to choose from on each model. You can buy model-specific floor brackets for their seats. They also sell harnesses. They can tell you which seat fits in your car, typically. They have bulk material you can buy for the rest of your interior. Their lead times are typically very short.
CONS: Their materials aren’t the greatest quality. Their frames aren’t the greatest construction. Most if not all of their seats are not FIA approved for racing.

Cerullo is a pretty small company compared to the rest. They’ve been around a while, although you may have not heard of them. The owner, Gina, is passionate about Cerullo seats and is a great person to work with.
PROS: Small company means attention to quality. Each seat is made to order, to your spec. Colors and materials are fully customizable. The price point is very fair for a USA-assembled seat.
CONS: Limited seat models, so you have to like what you see. They don’t have any 1-piece race seats.

Procar by Scat – Yes, Scat, the crankshaft manufacturer has a seat company. However, they have a great variety!
PROS: Many different seat models available. The price point is pretty inexpensive compared to others. They have many different floor brackets available for specific models.
CONS: Overseas construction means little to no customization. The materials aren’t of the greatest quality. Comfort varies heavily between seat models. Their floor brackets have been known to require modification to fit the car, or to fit your body.

Sparco is known for their presence in racing. Headquartered in Italy, Sparco makes a variety of parts such as steering wheels, children’s car seats, harnesses, helmets, and more.
PROS: They have a variety of models for different tastes. Their quality is great, given the price. Their seats are typically stocked by distributors. They have a lot of racing seats that are FIA approved.
CONS: No customization of seats is available, and no bulk material is available.

The best way to know, is to actually sit in a seat! Attend some local car events. Ask around. Join a forum or Facebook group and get some opinions or see if there is anyone close to you that will let you come sit in their seat. There may be other dealers nearby that stock seats that you can sit in. Don’t let that be an excuse! However, if none of those are possible, we can try to help pick a seat with your body type in mind.

We cannot give an opinion on the following seat manufacturers that we’ve seen people talking about: Braum, Jegs, Status, Bride, Cipher, NRG, etc.  All we can say, is do not buy a $185 seat unless you really don’t care about your safety or comfort. We’ve used several cheap seats in the past and it’s not worth it!

Hopefully this guide will help you in choosing a seat for your pro-touring ride!