Forgeline Releases 6 New Wheel Designs - SEMA 2023

Forgeline has just debuted 6 new wheel designs just in time for SEMA 2023!

Two of the designs are not Pro-Touring related (VV1R and TR31), so we will focus on the 4 that you may want to put on your Pro Touring Ride!

1) GB3C: This 3-piece wheel was designed in collaboration with Goolsby Customs. It has a unique 12-spoke design with 2 alternating sets of spokes ,and a deep scallop on the inside of the larger spoke. These are available in shallow or deep concave profiles, and they come in 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 inch diameter with any width! 

2) Rallye (Heritage Series): This is a throwback wheel to the original Chevrolet/Kelsey Hayes stamped steel Rallye wheel found on many Chevrolet muscle cars in the 60's and 70's. These are a forged 3 piece wheel however, and really look the part compared to other replicas on the market. You can even use your original pop-on Derby cap, or similar style with the same size. These are available in a stepped lip, in 18, 19, 20, and 22 inch diameters with any width. 

3) Galaxie (Heritage Series): The Forgeline Galaxie wheel pays homage to the classic wheel originally found on the third-generation 1965-1968 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre. With a traditional five-spoke design with narrow vent slots and a variety of complex machining details, the Galaxie evokes old-school muscle car character while delivering modern technology and performance. The Galaxie is designed with a flat lip reverse outer in 18-inch fitments. The Galaxie is priced with a standard powder coated and HTM (High Tech Machined) center finish combined with a polished outer rim. 

4) SL3 (Heritage Series): The Forgeline SL3 Heritage Series wheel is a throwback to one of the most iconic and highly-desired 5-spoke wheel designs in the history of Porsche sports cars, the Speedline Porsche Cup. A traditional five-spoke design with tapered spokes and smooth edges, the SL3 evokes traditional Porsche styling while delivering modern technology and performance. The SL3 is available with a stepped lip outer in 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, and 21-inch fitments and features a standard powder coated center finish with a polished outer rim. In tribute to the original Porsche Cup wheel, the SL3 is engineered to be assembled in a “bottom mount” configuration (both rim halves installed above the center) so that the rim register is hidden. This gives a unique look and makes the wheel look slightly smaller than it actually is! We at Pro Touring Store think this wheel would look killer on a Pro Touring car. 

Just like all Forgeline 3-piece wheels, these new designs are made from a fully-forged 6060-T6 aluminum center, and are available in virtually any offset and any color combination. Due to them being so customizable, we do not have them on our site available to order. You must call or email for a quote or to discuss options. 

We have years of experience in working with Forgeline and can help you with your next set!