Low Profile LS7 Dry Sump Oil Pan - Fabricated


This product is unavailable to order as of Jan 2020, may be available in the future. Contact SpeedTech directly for more information.


This Speedtech LS7/LS9 Dry Sump oil pan was designed to allow cross member clearance while still maintaining all oil line positions. Instead of the factory style fitting we've gone to AN style fittings to make customizing hoses easier for you. Internal oil passages line up with factory locations and allow a stock LS7/LS9 oil pan gasket to be used.

  • Quarter inch NPT bungs for turbocharger oil drain lines
  • Oil Filter/ Cooler fittings are -12 to increase oil supply and volume
  • Clears stock steering linkage, Unisteer Rack and Pinion conversions
  • Fully TIG welded and pressure tested, then clear powdercoated
  • Includes stainless studs and flanged lock nuts

This pan requires a remote mounted oil filter and lines and easily allows the addition of an oil cooler if desired, all sold separately by us or through any good speed parts supplier. Below is our recommended list of parts that will complete your remote oil filter installation. With this package you get the advantage of the larger capacity Small block Chevy type K&N oil filter with a higher flow rate and less restriction. The filter mount allows provisions for expanding the kit to include an oil cooler. This kit uses -12 AN fittings compared to competitor's -10 fittings yielding 20% more flow capacity.

  • 1 AN -12 120* or 150* Hose End
  • 3 AN -12 90* Hose Ends, 2 for the pan and one for the filter mount
  • 2 AN -12 to -12 O-ring Adapters
  • +/- 10 feet of AN -12 Hose
  • 1 Moroso Remote Filter Mount #23764, or Equivalent
  • 1 K&N HP3002 Filter or Equivalent
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